AMR Bibliography

Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR) is a graph framework for representing sentence meaning which has been the subject of considerable research in natural language processing.
This bibliography is maintained by Austin Blodgett, Shira Wein, and Nathan Schneider, based in part on this one and this one.

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The main topics are:

Annotation: Research on and methods for AMR annotators
Parsing: Produce an AMR from natural language text
(See state of the art on NLP-progress)
Generation: Produce natural language text from an AMR
Applications: Summarization, Information Extraction, Biomedical, etc.
Alignment: Find the AMR subgraph corresponding to a word or phrase
AMR Extensions: Research which adds features to the AMR annotation scheme
Multilingual: Extensions of AMR from its original language (English) to more languages
Chart of AMR papers by year and topic
(j / join-01 
            :ARG0 (p / person :wiki - 
                        :name (p2 / name :op1 "Pierre" :op2 "Vinken") 
                        :age (t / temporal-quantity :quant 61 
                                    :unit (y / year))) 
            :ARG1 (b / board 
                        :ARG1-of (h / have-org-role-91 
                                    :ARG0 p 
                                    :ARG2 (d2 / director 
                                                :mod (e / executive :polarity -)))) 
            :time (d / date-entity :month 11 :day 29))

The AMR for the sentence Pierre Vinken, 61 years old, will join the board as a nonexecutive director Nov. 29.

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# Title Authors Venue Year Link(s) Arxiv Tags
1 Semantics-Based Machine Translation with Hyperedge Replacement Grammars JonesBevan Jones, Jacob Andreas, Daniel Bauer, Karl-Moritz Hermann, Kevin Knight COLING 2012 pdf
2 Parsing Graphs with Hyperedge Replacement Grammars ChiangD. Chiang, J. Andreas, D. Bauer, K. M. Hermann, B. Jones, K. Knight ACL 2013 pdf
3 Abstract Meaning Representation for Sembanking BanarescuLaura Banarescu, Claire Bonial, Shu Cai, Madalina Georgescu, Kira Griffitt, Ulf Hermjakob, Kevin Knight, Philipp Koehn, Martha Palmer, Nathan Schneider Linguistic Annotation Workshop 2013 pdf
4 Smatch: an Evaluation Metric for Semantic Feature Structures CaiShu Cai, Kevin Knight ACL 2013 pdf
5 Mapping between English Strings and Reentrant Semantic Graphs BrauneF. Braune, D. Bauer, K. Knight LREC 2014 pdf
6 A Discriminative Graph-Based Parser for the Abstract Meaning Representation FlaniganJ. Flanigan, S. Thomson, J. Carbonell, C. Dyer, N. Smith ACL 2014 pdf, JAMR
7 Not an Interlingua, but Close: Comparison of English AMRs to Chinese and Czech XueN. Xue, O. Bojar, J. Hajic, M. Palmer, Z. Uresova, X. Zhang LREC 2014 pdf
8 Aligning English Strings with Abstract Meaning Representation Graphs PourdamghaniNima Pourdamghani, Yang Gao, Ulf Hermjakob, Kevin Knight EMNLP 2014 pdf, dev data, test data
9 Boosting Transition-based AMR Parsing with Refined Actions and Auxiliary Analyzers WangC. Wang, N. Xue, S. Pradhan ACL 2015 pdf, CAMR
10 A Transition-based Algorithm for AMR Parsing WangChuan Wang, Nianwen Xue, Sameer Pradhan NAACL 2015 pdf
11 Toward Abstractive Summarization Using Semantic Representations LiuFei Liu, Jeffrey Flanigan, Sam Thomson, Norman Sadeh, Noah A. Smith NAACL 2015 pdf
12 Graph parsing with s-graph grammars GroschwitzJ. Groschwitz, A. Koller, C. Teichmann ACL 2015 pdf
13 Robust Subgraph Generation Improves Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing WerlingK. Werling, G. Angeli, C. Manning ACL 2015 pdf
14 Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR) 1.2.2 Specification BanarescuL. Banarescu, C. Bonial, S. Cai, M. Georgescu, K. Griffitt, U. Hermjakob, K. Knight, P. Koehn, M. Palmer, N. Schneider 2015 Guidelines
15 An AMR parser for English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese and a new AMR-annotated corpus VanderwendeLucy Vanderwende, Arul Menezes, Chris Quirk NAACL (Demo session) 2015 pdf
16 Using Syntax-Based Machine Translation to Parse English into Abstract Meaning Representation PustM. Pust, U. Hermjakob, K. Knight, D. Marcu, J. May EMNLP 2015 pdf
17 Abstract Meaning Representation: a survey TosikMelanie Tosik 2015 pdf
18 AMRICA: an AMR Inspector for Cross-language Alignments SaphraNaomi Saphra, Adam Lopez NAACL (Demo session) 2015 pdf
19 Tutorial: The Logic of AMR: Practical, Unified, Graph-Based Sentence Semantics for NLP SchneiderNathan Schneider, Jeffrey Flanigan, Tim O’Gorman NAACL-HLT 2015 Tutorial
20 Learning to Map Dependency Parses to Abstract Meaning Representations ChenWei-Te Chen ACL-IJCNLP Student Research Workshop 2015 pdf
21 A Synchronous Hyperedge Replacement Grammar based approach for AMR parsing PengX. Peng, L. Song, D. Gildea CoNLL 2015 pdf
22 Unsupervised Entity Linking with Abstract Meaning Representation PanXiaoman Pan, Taylor Cassidy, Ulf Hermjakob, Heng Ji, Kevin Knight NAACL 2015 pdf
23 Broad-coverage CCG Semantic Parsing with AMR ArtziY. Artzi, K. Lee, L. Zettlemoyer EMNLP 2015 pdf
24 Semantic Structure Analysis of Noun Phrases using Abstract Meaning Representation SawaiY. Sawai, H. Shindo, Y. Matsumoto ACL 2015 pdf
25 Addressing a Question Answering Challenge by Combining Statistical Methods with Inductive Rule Learning and Reasoning MitraA. Mitra, C. Baral AAAI 2016 pdf
26 DynamicPower at SemEval-2016 Task 8: Processing syntactic parse trees with a Dynamic Semantics core ButlerAlastair Butler SemEval 2016 pdf
27 Annotating the Little Prince with Chinese AMRs LiB. Li, Y. Wen, L. Bu, W. Qu, N. Xue 10th Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW X) 2016 pdf
28 CAMR at SemEval-2016 Task 8: An Extended Transition-based AMR Parser WangChuan Wang, Sameer Pradhan, Xiaoman Pan, Heng Ji, Nianwen Xue SemEval 2016 pdf
29 Neural Shift-Reduce CCG Semantic Parsing MisraDipendra Kumar Misra, Yoav Artzi EMNLP 2016 pdf, Supplement
30 Abstract Meaning Representation as Linked Data BurnsG. Burns, U. Hermjakob, J. L. Ambite International Semantic Web Conference Resources Track 2016 springer
31 RIGA at SemEval-2016 Task 8: Impact of Smatch Extensions and Character-Level Neural Translation on AMR Parsing Accuracy BarzdinsGuntis Barzdins, Didzis Gosko SemEval 2016 pdf, Eval code
32 Between a Rock and a Hard Place -- Uniform Parsing for Hyperedge Replacement DAG Grammars BjörklundH. Björklund, F. Drewes, P. Ericson LATA 2016 pdf
33 Generation from Abstract Meaning Representation using Tree Transducers FlaniganJ. Flanigan, C. Dyer, N. A. Smith, J. Carbonell NAACL 2016 pdf
34 Noise Reduction and Targeted Exploration in Imitation Learning for Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing GoodmanJ. Goodman, A. Vlachos, J. Naradowsky ACL 2016 pdf
35 AMR Parsing with an Incremental Joint Model ZhouJ. Zhou, F. Xu, H. Uszkoreit, W. Qu, R. Li, Y. Gu EMNLP 2016 pdf
36 UCL+Sheffield at SemEval-2016 Task 8: Imitation learning for AMR parsing with an alpha-bound GoodmanJames Goodman, Andreas Vlachos, Jason Naradowsky SemEval 2016 pdf
37 CMU at SemEval-2016 Task 8: Graph-based AMR Parsing with Infinite Ramp Loss FlaniganJeffrey Flanigan, Chris Dyer, Noah A. Smith, Jaime Carbonell SemEval 2016 pdf
38 Squib: Expressive Power of Abstract Meaning Representations BosJohan Bos Computational Linguistics 42(3) 2016 pdf
39 The Meaning Factory at SemEval-2016 Task 8: Producing AMRs with Boxer BjervaJohannes Bjerva, Johan Bos, Hessel Haagsma SemEval 2016 pdf
40 SemEval-2016 Task 8: Meaning Representation Parsing MayJonathan May SemEval 2016 pdf
41 AMR-to-text generation as a Traveling Salesman Problem SongL. Song, Y. Zhang, X. Peng, Z. Wang, D. Gildea EMNLP 2016 pdf arXiv
42 ICL-HD at SemEval-2016 Task 8: Meaning Representation Parsing - Augmenting AMR Parsing with a Preposition Semantic Role Labeling Neural Network BrandtLauritz Brandt, David Grimm, Mengfei Zhou, Yannick Versley SemEval 2016 pdf
43 Machine Comprehension Using Rich Semantic Representations SachanM. Sachan, E. Xing ACL 2016 pdf
44 Generating English from Abstract Meaning Representations PourdamghaniNima Pourdamghani, Kevin Knight, Ulf Hermjakob INLG 2016 pdf
45 Extracting Biomolecular Interactions Using Semantic Parsing of Biomedical Text GargS. Garg, A. Galstyan, U. Hermjakob, D. Marcu AAAI 2016 arXiv
46 Neural Headline Generation on Abstract Meaning Representation TakaseS. Takase, J. Suzuki, N. Okazaki, T. Hirao, M. Nagata EMNLP 2016 pdf
47 CLIP@UMD at SemEval-2016 Task 8: Parser for Abstract Meaning Representation using Learning to Search RaoSudha Rao, Yogarshi Vyas, Hal Daumé III, Philip Resnik SemEval 2016 pdf
48 CU-NLP at SemEval-2016 Task 8: AMR Parsing using LSTM-based Recurrent Neural Networks FolandWilliam Foland, James H. Martin SemEval 2016 pdf
49 UofR at SemEval-2016 Task 8: Learning Synchronous Hyperedge Replacement Grammar for AMR Parsing PengXiaochang Peng, Daniel Gildea SemEval 2016 pdf
50 M2L at SemEval-2016 Task 8: AMR Parsing with Neural Networks PuzikovYevgeniy Puzikov, Daisuke Kawahara, Sadao Kurohashi SemEval 2016 pdf
51 Grammar-Based Semantic Parsing Into Graph Representations BauerDaniel Bauer Ph.D. thesis, Columbia University 2017 pdf
52 Supervised Syntax-based Alignment between English Sentences and Abstract Meaning Representation Graphs ChuChenhui Chu, Sadao Kurohashi preprint 2017 arXiv
53 Getting the Most out of AMR Parsing WangChuan Wang, Nianwen Xue EMNLP 2017 pdf
54 Reforming AMR StablerEdward Stabler International Conference on Formal Grammar 2017 springer
55 Sheffield at SemEval-2017 Task 9: Transition-based language generation from AMR LampourasGerasimos Lampouras, Andreas Vlachos SemEval 2017 pdf
56 Neural AMR: Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Parsing and Generation KonstasIoannis Konstas, Srinivasan Iyer, Mark Yatskar, Yejin Choi, Luke Zettlemoyer ACL 2017 pdf arXiv
57 Oxford at SemEval-2017 Task 9: Neural AMR Parsing with Pointer-Augmented Attention BuysJan Buys, Phil Blunsom SemEval 2017 pdf
58 Robust Incremental Neural Semantic Graph Parsing BuysJan Buys, Phil Blunsom ACL 2017 pdf arXiv
59 A constrained graph algebra for semantic parsing with AMRs GroschwitzJonas Groschwitz, Meaghan Fowlie, Mark Johnson, Alexander Koller IWCS 2017 pdf
60 SemEval-2017 Task 9: Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing and Generation MayJonathan May, Jay Priyadarshi SemEval 2017 pdf
61 UIT-DANGNT-CLNLP at SemEval-2017 Task 9: Building Scientific Concept Fixing Patterns for Improving CAMR NguyenKhoa Nguyen, Dang Nguyen SemEval 2017 pdf
62 ConvAMR: Abstract meaning representation parsing for legal document VietLai Dac Viet, Vu Trong Sinh, Nguyen Le Minh, Ken Satoh SCIDOCA 2017 arXiv
63 AMR-to-text Generation with Synchronous Node Replacement Grammar SongLinfeng Song, Xiaochang Peng, Yue Zhang, Zhiguo Wang, Daniel Gildea ACL 2017 pdf arXiv
64 An Incremental Parser for Abstract Meaning Representation DamonteM. Damonte, S. B. Cohen, G. Satta EACL 2017 Parser code, Eval code arXiv
65 AMR Parsing using Stack-LSTMs BallesterosMiguel Ballesteros, Yaser Al-Onaizan EMNLP 2017 pdf arXiv
66 A Study Towards Spanish Abstract Meaning Representation Migueles-AbrairaNoelia Migueles-Abraira MSc thesis, University of the Basque Country 2017 pdf
67 Towards AMR-BR: A SemBank for Brazilian Portuguese language AnchiêtaRafael Torres Anchiêta, Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo LREC 2018 pdf
68 A rule-based AMR parser for Portuguese AnchiêtaRafael Torres Anchiêta, Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo IBERAMIA 2018 springer
69 RIGOTRIO at SemEval-2017 Task 9: Combining Machine Learning and Grammar Engineering for AMR Parsing and Generation GruzitisNormunds Gruzitis, Didzis Gosko, Guntis Barzdins SemEval 2017 pdf
70 Dealing with Co-reference in Neural Semantic Parsing NoordRik van Noord, Johan Bos Workshop on Semantic Deep Learning 2017 pdf
71 Neural Semantic Parsing by Character-based Translation: Experiments with Abstract Meaning Representations NoordRik van Noord, Johan Bos Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 7 2017 pdf arXiv
72 The Meaning Factory at SemEval-2017 Task 9: Producing AMRs with Neural Semantic Parsing NoordRik van Noord, Johan Bos SemEval 2017 pdf
73 Text Summarization using Abstract Meaning Representation DohareShibhansh Dohare, Harish Karnick, Vivek Gupta preprint 2017 arXiv
74 FORGe at SemEval-2017 Task 9: Deep sentence generation based on a sequence of graph transducers MilleSimon Mille, Roberto Carlini, Alicia Burga, Leo Wanner SemEval 2017 pdf
75 Biomedical Event Extraction using Abstract Meaning Representation RaoSudha Rao, Daniel Marcu, Kevin Knight, Hal Daumé III BioNLP 2017 pdf
76 Linguistic realisation as machine translation: Comparing different MT models for AMR-to-text generation FerreiraThiago Castro Ferreira, Iacer Calixto, Sander Wubben, Emiel Krahmer INLG 2017 pdf
77 Transition-Based Generation from Abstract Meaning Representations SchickTimo Schick MSc thesis, Technische Universitat Dresden 2017 arXiv
78 Unsupervised AMR-Dependency Parse Alignment ChenWei-Te Chen, Martha Palmer EACL 2017 pdf
79 Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing using LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks FolandWilliam Foland, James H. Martin ACL 2017 pdf
80 Addressing the Data Sparsity Issue in Neural AMR Parsing PengXiaochang Peng, Chuan Wang, Daniel Gildea, Nianwen Xue EACL 2017 pdf
81 Dependency and AMR Embeddings for Drug-Drug Interaction Extraction from Biomedical Literature WangYanshan Wang, Sijia Liu, Majid Rastegar-Mojarad, Liwei Wang, Feichen Shen, Fei Liu, Hongfang Liu ACM-BCB 2017 pdf
82 World Knowledge for Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing WelchCharles Welch, Jonathan K. Kummerfeld, Song Feng, Rada Mihalcea LREC 2018 pdf
83 Transition-Based Chinese AMR Parsing WangChuan Wang, Bin Li, Nianwen Xue NAACL-HLT 2018 pdf
84 AMR Parsing as Graph Prediction with Latent Alignment LyuChunchuan Lyu, Ivan Titov ACL 2018 pdf arXiv
85 Abstract Meaning Representation of Constructions: The More We Include, the Better the Representation BonialClaire Bonial, Bianca Badarau, Kira Griffitt, Ulf Hermjakob, Kevin Knight, Tim O'Gorman, Martha Palmer, Nathan Schneider LREC 2018 pdf
86 A Transition-Based Algorithm for Unrestricted AMR Parsing VilaresDavid Vilares, Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez NAACL-HLT 2018 pdf
87 Abstract Meaning Representation for Paraphrase Detection IssaFuad Issa, Marco Damonte, Shay B. Cohen, Xiaohui Yan, Yi Chang NAACL-HLT 2018 pdf
88 Guided Neural Language Generation for Abstractive Summarization using Abstract Meaning Representation HardyHardy, Andreas Vlachos EMNLP 2018 pdf
89 A Structured Syntax-Semantics Interface for English-AMR Alignment SzubertIda Szubert, Adam Lopez, Nathan Schneider NAACL-HLT 2018 pdf
90 AMR dependency parsing with a typed semantic algebra GroschwitzJonas Groschwitz, Matthias Lindemann, Meaghan Fowlie, Mark Johnson, Alexander Koller ACL 2018 pdf arXiv
91 Abstract Meaning Representation for Multi-Document Summarization LiaoKexin Liao, Logan Lebanoff, Fei Liu COLING 2018 pdf arXiv
92 An Easier and Efficient Framework to Annotate Semantic Roles: Evidence from the Chinese AMR Corpus SongLi Song, Yuan Wen, Sijia Ge, Bin Li, Junsheng Zhou, Weiguang Qu, Nianwen Xue Workshop on Asian Language Resources 2018 pdf
93 A Graph-to-Sequence Model for AMR-to-Text Generation SongLinfeng Song, Yue Zhang, Zhiguo Wang, Daniel Gildea ACL 2018 pdf arXiv
94 Annotation of tense and aspect semantics for sentential AMR DonatelliLucia Donatelli, Michael Regan, William Croft, Nathan Schneider LAW-MWE-CxG 2018 pdf
95 Cross-Lingual Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing DamonteMarco Damonte, Shay B. Cohen NAACL-HLT 2018 pdf, data
96 Annotating Abstract Meaning Representations for Spanish Migueles-AbrairaNoelia Migueles-Abraira, Rodrigo Agerri, Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza LREC 2018 pdf
97 Named Graphs for Semantic Representation CrouchRichard Crouch, Aikaterini-Lida Kalouli *SEM 2018 pdf
98 Graph Algebraic Combinatory Categorial Grammar BeschkeSebastian Beschke, Wolfgang Menzel *SEM 2018 pdf
99 AMR Beyond the Sentence: the Multi-sentence AMR corpus O’GormanTim O’Gorman, Michael Regan, Kira Griffitt, Martha Palmer, Ulf Hermjakob, Kevin Knight COLING 2018 pdf
100 The New Propbank: Aligning Propbank with AMR through POS Unification O'GormanTim O'Gorman, Sameer Pradhan, Martha Palmer, Julia Bonn, Kathryn Conger, James Gung LREC 2018 pdf
101 An AMR Aligner Tuned by Transition-based Parser LiuYijia Liu, Wanxiang Che, Bo Zheng, Bing Qin, Ting Liu EMNLP 2018 pdf arXiv
102 Accurate SHRG-Based Semantic Parsing ChenYufei Chen, Weiwei Sun, Xiaojun Wan ACL 2018 pdf
103 Better Transition-Based AMR Parsing with a Refined Search Space GuoZhijiang Guo, Wei Lu EMNLP 2018 pdf
104 AMR Editor: A tool to build Abstract Meaning Representations HermjakobUlf Hermjakob manuscript pdf, Tool
105 AMR Annotation Dictionary (maintained by Ulf Hermjakob). HermjakobUlf Hermjakob Tool
106 Semantic Neural Machine Translation using AMR SongLinfeng Song, Daniel Gildea, Yue Zhang, Zhiguo Wang, Jinsong Su TACL 2019 pdf arXiv
107 Factorising AMR generation through syntax CaoKris Cao, Stephen Clark NAACL 2019 pdf arXiv
108 Structural Neural Encoders for AMR-to-text Generation DamonteMarco Damonte, Shay B. Cohen NAACL 2019 pdf arXiv
109 Automatic Accuracy Prediction for AMR Parsing OpitzJuri Opitz, Anette Frank *SEM 2019 pdf arXiv
110 A partially rule-based approach to AMR generation ManningEmma Manning NAACL SRW 2019 pdf
111 SemBleu: A robust metric for AMR parsing evaluation SongLinfeng Song, Daniel Gildea ACL 2019 pdf arXiv
112 AMR parsing as sequence-to-graph transduction ZhangSheng Zhang, Xutai Ma, Kevin Duh, Benjamin Van Durme ACL 2019 pdf arXiv
113 Ordered Tree Decomposition for HRG Rule Extraction GildeaDaniel Gildea, Giorgio Satta, Xiaochang Peng Computational Linguistics 45(2) 2019 pdf
114 Towards a General Abstract Meaning Representation Corpus for Brazilian Portuguese CabezudoMarco Antonio Sobrevilla Cabezudo, Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo Linguistic Annotation Workshop 2019 pdf
115 Augmenting Abstract Meaning Representation for Human-Robot Dialogue BonialClaire Bonial, Lucia Donatelli, Stephanie M. Lukin, Stephen Tratz, Ron Artstein, David Traum, Clare R. Voss Designing Meaning Representations Workshop 2019 pdf
116 Ellipsis in Chinese AMR Corpus LiuYihuan Liu, Bin Li, Peiyi Yan, Li Song, Weiguang Qu Designing Meaning Representations Workshop 2019 pdf
117 Copula and Case-Stacking Annotations for Korean AMR ChoeHyonsu Choe, Jiyoon Han, Hyejin Park, Hansaem Kim Designing Meaning Representations Workshop 2019 pdf
118 Modeling Quantification and Scope in Abstract Meaning Representations PustejovskyJames Pustejovsky, Ken Lai, Nianwen Xue Designing Meaning Representations Workshop 2019 pdf
119 A Case Study on Meaning Representation for Vietnamese LinhHa Linh, Huyen Nguyen Designing Meaning Representations Workshop 2019 pdf
120 Parsing Meaning Representations: Is Easier Always Better? LinZi Lin, Nianwen Xue Designing Meaning Representations Workshop 2019 pdf
121 Rewarding Smatch: Transition-Based AMR Parsing with Reinforcement Learning NaseemTahira Naseem, Abhishek Shah, Hui Wan, Radu Florian, Salim Roukos, Miguel Ballesteros ACL 2019 pdf
122 Enhancing AMR-to-Text Generation with Dual Graph Representations RibeiroLeonardo F. R. Ribeiro, Claire Gardent, Iryna Gurevych EMNLP 2019 pdf arXiv
123 Broad-Coverage Semantic Parsing as Transduction ZhangSheng Zhang, Xutai Ma, Kevin Duh, Benjamin Van Durme EMNLP 2019 pdf arXiv
124 AMR Normalization for Fairer Evaluation GoodmanMichael Wayne Goodman preprint 2019 arXiv
125 Modeling Graph Structure in Transformer for Better AMR-to-Text Generation ZhuJie Zhu, Junhui Li, Muhua Zhu, Longhua Qian, Min Zhang, Guodong Zhou EMNLP 2019 pdf arXiv
126 Modeling Source Syntax and Semantics for Neural AMR Parsing GeDongLai Ge, Junhui Li, Muhua Zhu, Shoushan Li IJCAI 2019 pdf
127 Core Semantic First: A Top-down Approach for AMR Parsing CaiDeng Cai, Wai Lam EMNLP 2019 pdf arXiv
128 Verbalizing AMR Structures LapalmeGuy Lapalme Manuscript 2019 pdf, code, demo
129 Back-Translation as Strategy to Tackle the Lack of Corpus in Natural Language Generation from Semantic Representations CabezudoMarco Antonio Sobrevilla Cabezudo, Simon Mille, Thiago Pardo Multilingual Surface Realisation Workshop 2019 pdf
130 AMR-to-Text Generation with Cache Transition Systems JinLisa Jin, Daniel Gildea preprint 2019 arXiv
131 Exploring Graph-Algebraic CCG Combinators for Syntactic-Semantic AMR Parsing BeschkeSebastian Beschke RANLP 2019 pdf
132 Graph-to-Graph Meaning Representation Transformations for Human-Robot Dialogue AbramsMitchell Abrams, Claire Bonial, Lucia Donatelli SCiL 2020 pdf
133 AMR Similarity Metrics from Principles OpitzJuri Opitz, Letitia Parcalabescu, Anette Frank TACL 2020 pdf, code arXiv
134 A Human Evaluation of AMR-to-English Generation Systems ManningEmma Manning, Shira Wein, Nathan Schneider COLING 2020 pdf arXiv
135 Exploring Probabilistic Soft Logic as a framework for integrating top-down and bottom-up processing of language in a task context DellertJohannes Dellert preprint 2020 arXiv
136 Graph Transformer for Graph-to-Sequence Learning CaiDeng Cai, Wai Lam AAAI 2020 pdf arXiv
137 AMR Parsing via Graph-Sequence Iterative Inference CaiDeng Cai, Wai Lam ACL 2020 pdf arXiv
138 Understanding and Generating Language with Abstract Meaning Representation DamonteMarco Damonte Ph.D. thesis, University of Edinburgh 2020 pdf
139 Methods for taking semantic graphs apart and putting them back together again GroschwitzJonas Groschwitz Ph.D. thesis, Saarland University and Macquarie University 2019 pdf
140 Parsing and Generation for the Abstract Meaning Representation FlaniganJeffrey Flanigan Ph.D. thesis, Carnegie Mellon University 2018 pdf
141 Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing WangChuan Wang Ph.D. thesis, Brandeis University 2018 pdf
142 Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing with Rich Linguistic Features ChenWei-Te Chen Ph.D. thesis, University of Colorado Boulder 2017 pdf
143 Bringing together computational and linguistic models of implicit role interpretation O'GormanTim O'Gorman Ph.D. thesis, University of Colorado Boulder 2019 pdf
144 Construct a sense-frame aligned predicate lexicon for Chinese AMR corpus SongLi Song, Yuling Dai, Yihuan Liu, Bin Li, Weiguang Qu LREC 2020 pdf
145 Dialogue-AMR: Abstract Meaning Representation for dialogue BonialClaire Bonial, Lucia Donatelli, Mitchell Abrams, Stephanie M. Lukin, Stephen Tratz, Matthew Marge, Ron Artstein, David Traum, Clare Voss LREC 2020 pdf
146 Spatial AMR: Expanded spatial annotation in the context of a grounded Minecraft corpus BonnJulia Bonn, Martha Palmer, Zheng Cai, Kristin Wright-Bettner LREC 2020 pdf
147 From spatial relations to spatial configurations DanSoham Dan, Parisa Kordjamshidi, Julia Bonn, Archna Bhatia, Zheng Cai, Martha Palmer, Dan Roth LREC 2020 pdf
148 AMR Parsing with Latent Structural Information ZhouQiji Zhou, Yue Zhang, Donghong Ji, Hao Tang ACL 2020 pdf
149 GPT-too: A language-model-first approach for AMR-to-text generation MagerManuel Mager, Ramón Fernandez Astudillo, Tahira Naseem, Md Arafat Sultan, Young-Suk Lee, Radu Florian, Salim Roukos ACL 2020 pdf, code arXiv
150 Line Graph Enhanced AMR-to-Text Generation with Mix-Order Graph Attention Networks ZhaoYanbin Zhao, Lu Chen, Zhi Chen, Ruisheng Cao, Su Zhu, Kai Yu ACL 2020 pdf
151 AMR quality rating with a lightweight CNN OpitzJuri Opitz AACL 2020 pdf arXiv
152 Graphs with Multiple Sources per Vertex HarmelenMartin van Harmelen, Jonas Groschwitz preprint 2020 arXiv
153 Penman: An Open-Source Library and Tool for AMR Graphs GoodmanMichael Wayne Goodman ACL (Demo session) 2020 pdf
154 AMR-To-Text Generation with Graph Transformer WangTianming Wang, Xiaojun Wan, Hanqi Jin TACL 2020 pdf
155 Better AMR-to-text generation with graph structure reconstruction WangTianming Wang, Xiaojun Wan, Shaowei Yao IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 pdf
156 Graph-to-Sequence Learning using Gated Graph Neural Networks BeckDaniel Beck, Gholamreza Haffari, Trevor Cohn ACL 2018 pdf, code arXiv
157 MRP 2019: Cross-Framework Meaning Representation Parsing OepenStephan Oepen, Omri Abend, Jan Hajic, Daniel Hershcovich, Marco Kuhlmann, Tim O’Gorman, Nianwen Xue, Jayeol Chun, Milan Straka, Zdenka Uresova CoNLL 2019 pdf
158 Investigating Pretrained Language Models for Graph-to-Text Generation RibeiroLeonardo F. R. Ribeiro, Martin Schmitt, Hinrich Schütze, Iryna Gurevych preprint 2020 arXiv
159 Fast semantic parsing with well-typedness guarantees LindemannMatthias Lindemann, Jonas Groschwitz, Alexander Koller EMNLP 2020 pdf arXiv
160 Improving AMR Parsing with Sequence-to-Sequence Pre-training XuDongqin Xu, Junhui Li, Muhua Zhu, Min Zhang, Guodong Zhou EMNLP 2020 pdf arXiv
161 Towards a Decomposable Metric for Explainable Evaluation of Text Generation from AMR OpitzJuri Opitz, Anette Frank EACL 2021 pdf arXiv
162 Online Back-Parsing for AMR-to-Text Generation BaiXuefeng Bai, Linfeng Song, Yue Zhang EMNLP 2020 pdf arXiv
163 Lightweight, Dynamic Graph Convolutional Networks for AMR-to-Text Generation ZhangYan Zhang, Zhijiang Guo, Zhiyang Teng, Wei Lu, Shay B. Cohen, Zuozhu Liu, Lidong Bing EMNLP 2020 pdf arXiv
164 Pushing the Limits of AMR Parsing with Self-Learning LeeYoung-Suk Lee, Ramón Fernandez Astudillo, Tahira Naseem, Revanth Gangi Reddy, Radu Florian, Salim Roukos Findings of EMNLP 2020 pdf, code arXiv
165 Transition-based Parsing with Stack-Transformers AstudilloRamón Fernandez Astudillo, Miguel Ballesteros, Tahira Naseem, Austin Blodgett, Radu Florian Findings of EMNLP 2020 pdf, code arXiv
166 XL-AMR: Enabling Cross-Lingual AMR Parsing with Transfer Learning Techniques BlloshmiRexhina Blloshmi, Rocco Tripodi, Roberto Navigli EMNLP 2020 pdf
167 A Differentiable Relaxation of Graph Segmentation and Alignment for AMR Parsing LyuChunchuan Lyu, Shay B. Cohen, Ivan Titov preprint 2020 arXiv
168 I Know What You Asked: Graph Path Learning using AMR for Commonsense Reasoning LimJungwoo Lim, Dongsuk Oh, Yoonna Jang, Kisu Yang, Heuiseok Lim COLING 2020 pdf arXiv
169 Multilingual AMR-to-Text Generation FanAngela Fan, Claire Gardent EMNLP 2020 pdf
170 Semantically Inspired AMR Alignment for the Portuguese Language AnchiêtaRafael Anchiêta, Thiago Pardo EMNLP 2020 pdf
171 The Role of Reentrancies in Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing DamonteMarco Damonte, Ida Szubert, Shay B. Cohen, Mark Steedman Findings of EMNLP 2020 pdf
172 MRP 2020: The Second Shared Task on Cross-Framework and Cross-Lingual Meaning Representation Parsing OepenStephan Oepen, Omri Abend, Lasha Abzianidze, Johan Bos, Jan Hajic, Daniel Hershcovich, Bin Li, Tim O’Gorman, Nianwen Xue, Daniel Zeman CoNLL 2020 pdf
173 Hitachi at MRP 2020: Text-to-Graph-Notation Transducer OzakiHiroaki Ozaki, Gaku Morio, Yuta Koreeda, Terufumi Morishita, Toshinori Miyoshi CoNLL 2020 pdf
174 ÚFAL at MRP 2020: Permutation-invariant Semantic Parsing in PERIN SamuelDavid Samuel, Milan Straka CoNLL 2020 pdf
175 HIT-SCIR at MRP 2020: Transition-based Parser and Iterative Inference Parser DouLongxu Dou, Yunlong Feng, Yuqiu Ji, Wanxiang Che, Ting Liu CoNLL 2020 pdf
176 HUJI-KU at MRP 2020: Two Transition-based Neural Parsers ArvivOfir Arviv, Ruixiang Cui, Daniel Hershcovich CoNLL 2020 pdf
177 JBNU at MRP 2020: AMR Parsing Using a Joint State Model for Graph-Sequence Iterative Inference NaSeung-Hoon Na, Jinwoo Min CoNLL 2020 pdf
178 Generalized Shortest-Paths Encoders for AMR-to-Text Generation JinLisa Jin, Daniel Gildea COLING 2020 pdf
179 Predicting Coreference in Abstract Meaning Representations AnikinaTatiana Anikina, Alexander Koller, Michael Roth Computational Models of Reference, Anaphora and Coreference Workshop 2020 pdf
180 A Continuation Semantics for Abstract Meaning Representation LaiKenneth Lai, Lucia Donatelli, James Pustejovsky Designing Meaning Representations Workshop 2020 pdf
181 Separating Argument Structure from Logical Structure in AMR BosJohan Bos Designing Meaning Representations Workshop 2020 pdf arXiv
182 Building Korean Abstract Meaning Representation Corpus ChoeHyonsu Choe, Jiyoon Han, Hyejin Park, Tae Hwan Oh, Hansaem Kim Designing Meaning Representations Workshop 2020 pdf
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184 InfoForager: Leveraging Semantic Search with AMR for COVID-19 Research BonialClaire Bonial, Stephanie M. Lukin, David Doughty, Steven Hill, Clare Voss Designing Meaning Representations Workshop 2020 pdf
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